Essays on Visionary Life

Angel Warrior (artist unknown)

Dream Warriors

March 26, 2020
The body believes in images. With images that activate the emotions, the body's systems wi...
Essays on Visionary Life
Books (artist unknown)

Dream Dictionaries

June 26, 2019
Dream dictionaries are a mixed bag when used for dream interpretation. On the one hand, ge...
Essays on Visionary Life
Curtain (theflickerees)

Working with Oracles: Reaching Beyond the Veil Technique

September 10, 2017
While it is an interesting and valuable line of personal research and exploration, one nee...
Essays on Visionary Life
In Search of Divine Life (Pooja Bhapkar)

121 Collaborative Artwork Meditation

March 25, 2017
121 (One-to-One) Collaborative Artwork Meditation is an experimental method of relationshi...
Patterns and Paradox,Essays on Visionary Life
View to Infinity (Ryky)

Imagination: Browser for the Cosmic Web

November 13, 2016
Imagination is key to the deep exploration of human meaning. Unfortunately, the scope of i...
Essays on Visionary Life
Twin Souls (Helena Nelson-Reed)

Living with the Liminal

August 19, 2016
We are beings of flesh and blood, of hungers and desires, of ecstasy and quietude. We are ...
Essays on Visionary Life