Dream Warriors

Angel Warrior (artist unknown)

The body believes in images. With images that activate the emotions, the body’s systems will respond to, adapt, accommodate, or reject an image. Watching a thrilling movie or having a passionate fantasy are common scenarios that nearly everyone can relate to where a strong image elicits a response in the body. After discovering through a series of dreams that I could influence the response of my own immune system, I’ve used this technique whenever I feel an invasion such as a cold or flu trying to take hold. Along with the more outward support (rest, diet, medication, supporting herbs, hygiene, etc.), this “inner” work is quite literally so and has helped the internals of my body ward off many an invader. Even if something gets through, it seems to shorten the duration and intensity of the illness compared to when I have not used it. Most importantly, perhaps, is that it helps me feel empowered to support my own health even in the midst of suffering. Given that we’re all in this current fight together, here is a battle tactic that continues to work for me.


When you are feeling the onset of a cold/flu-type illness or already in it, imagine a battle. It can be of any kind—a scene from a historical movie or novel, a clash of fantasy armies, a duel between superhero and villain, or anything drawn from your own well of mythic creativity. Let it be something that holds some invigorating emotional weight, something that stirs the blood, a battle that is full of awe and perhaps even entertaining. In the scene that unfolds, feel out which side you want to win, and fight for that side. See yourself in the battle. You may be a strategist directing the battle from afar, or down on the front lines, but be involved. Be invested. See the other side fall and feel the rush of triumph. Let that rush sweep through the body in a very physical way, feeling the sensation. It may be a tingling up or down the back from the kidneys as life force bolsters the body; it may be a pulsation in the gut where a large portion of the immune system resides; let it be however your body wants to respond, but continue with the image until it does respond in a way that is undeniable to you and that feels life-affirming. Use this technique anytime, anywhere, as often as necessary.

Bonus Points

If you work with an inner ally or guardian or otherwise benevolent spiritual being, ask them to help support your battle. See them in the battle, too, perhaps with extraordinary powers.

[image credit: unknown]