Active Dreaming Circle

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This circle offers a space and community to invite dreaming beyond the night, to begin and sustain a conversation with the sources of dreams. You will do more than talk about dreams–you will have the opportunity to walk your life with the wisdom and insight gathered from dreams, to help to craft dreams for others for inspiration and healing, to explore the layers of what it means to be a Dreamer. Active Dreaming is about waking up to a larger and deeper sense of reality with a sense of fun and adventure.

  • Dive into a boundless source of insight, inspiration, and healing as we share night dreams, visions of the day, the signs, symbols, and stories that bring meaning and wonder into our lives.
  • Claim the power of play and actively engage with the imagination and the sources of dreams as we dream together for personal empowerment and the benefit of our communities.
  • Meet with the guides, guardians, and aspects of yourself that are ready to assist you and seek your assistance in their work.
  • Travel through the imaginal realms of dreamers throughout time and space and those who have crossed over.
  • Help to create bridges between the inner and outer worlds for a fuller experience of living.

What we do during the monthly circle

The Active Dreaming Circle is a coming together of an eclectic group of dreamers that explore and share dreams and dream-like experiences using the tools and techniques of Robert Moss’ Active Dreaming–a synthesis of modern dreamwork, shamanic methods of journeying, and original approaches to dreams and dreaming. These tools may include anything from storytelling and song, to roleplaying and art, to poetry and games, alongside of shamanic journeying, oracular practices, paths to manifestation, and deep soul work.

We typically open up each circle with the Lightning Dreamwork Game to share dreams and visions and receive feedback from the circle; this may lead into transformative and creative play or a deeper dive into the dream images to help the dreamer claim and honor the power of the dream. From there we engage in a variety of activities that tap into our greater senses, as well as make conscious journeys into dream realms in a very safe, very natural way utilizing focused intention and simple drumming.

What to bring

Many like to bring a journal or notebook and something to write or draw with. Experiences generated within the circle can be quite rich and may be ones you would like record and work with for some time. Location of the event is emailed with the registration confirmation.

Looking forward to exploring the depths of dreaming with you!