Timothy Yuen

Timothy Yuen is a dreamer, a poet, a parent, and sometimes talks about himself in the third-person. One of the “weird kids” growing up, he finds good company amongst books, geeks, and cats. He is more or less a regular guy with a philosophical and creative bent that decided to investigate—rather than ignore—liminal experiences and phenomena “people don’t talk about”. This has fueled a life-long journey in uncovering and creating meaning for a human life and a curiosity at how such meaning relates to the rest of reality; he is an errant philosopher constantly on the move. As abstract and ethereal as his investigations and musings can be, he is thoroughly grounded with a strong emphasis on embodied awareness and action. Timothy loves free expression on the dance floor and often finds his deepest connections flow from creating in that space. Though he has a great sense of humor, he is dismayed by the way many topics are laughed into ridicule out of fear, prejudice, and ignorance. You can feel free to talk with him about anything and be assured of a willingness to listen.

Curious about the nature of things, Timothy began his undergraduate studies in Chemistry, only to end up with a BA in Philosophy (with Honors), his emphasis in metaphysics and religious studies. As some philosophers do when not accosting people on the street by questioning their assumptions about life, he took a job in the tech industry following the path of web design and development, then transitioned to browser-based UI/UX Design. Early mornings, evenings, and weekends found him engaging in deep transformative practices through aikido, ecstatic dance, meditation in the vajrayana tradition, dreamwork, tarot, and energy healing. Eventually he found the work of Robert Moss and now brings the practice of Active Dreaming to the world as a Dream Ambassador.

When I reflect upon the meandering road my life has taken and the personal practices that I have used to deepen and enrich the journey, there is a common element that runs through them all–the use of the imagination to bridge worlds in the service of others. The imagination in concert with the heart of service is the most powerful way I know to not only change the world, but to find and create great meaning in doing so. This is what feeds my soul. By offering the words I use to manifest the unmanifest on this website and in my activities in the non-virtual world, perhaps I can inspire a few others to find what feeds their soul.

May you find joy in this world and all worlds.