Spirit and Soul

Ascension (Delmary Dennis)

This is a portion of an unpublished body of work written between 2008 - 2010 tentatively titled Patterns and Paradox.

It is a play on many of the formulations of the essential paradox as seen through Iris.

Spirit said to Soul, What can we be?
Soul answered Spirit, Let us see.
Three by three we will explore
This world we’ve made across the shore.
A door we’ll be, passing in and out
Between and through, beyond, about,
Radiance within, you’ll hold the key
So I may open each door that I see
To find you again
And again, to find me.

Spirit pondered the endless sea,
Thus came one and one, then infinity.
Same yet different, Soul myriad
Spirit gives each what each already had
Soul enters the world, a world apart
Where it unfolds, yet at its heart
Lies Spirit constant and continuous
False, for there is no truth, ambiguous
Until Soul itself does it see
Does emerge veracity.

This Spirit awakens That Soul
The door, it is the physical
The world, our collective soul
I am you, and this we are whole
Save when we’re not, and that’s wonderful.

[image credit: Delmary Dennis]