Having just returned from Beloved Festival, I would like to share a poem that started to come through while there and finished a few minutes ago. In the spirit of mystical ecstatic poetry and Rumi, an offering from the heart.


When I take off the mask, I see my face in your hands
When my heart swells with sweetness and sorrow, it is you singing a new name
Together we walk, hand-in-hand, leading each other in turn
Both here and there
I am alive by your love, and willingly die to feel your caress

Thank you for the gift of freedom, allowing me to surprise myself by always choosing you
By your love, you breathe spirit into the memories of the earth
When she kisses your lips, I taste the tingle of my skin
Though we are two, we’ve never been apart

From two eyes, one vision
From two ears, one song
From two minds, one heart
Beloved, take my hand now and touch the face of love

[image credit: Samantha Meglioli]