A Gift

Selene (Susan Seddon Boulet)

I see you
I see you as you want to be seen
The smiles, the stories, the certainty
I see the beauty that you do not see
But so desperately want to
Looking to see yourself in the eyes and caresses of others
That you’d do anything to see that untamed soul that stalks your passions
And seeks your birthplace among angels and demons

I hear the secret tears you cry
They soak heavy the body you wear
Every salt-swimming drop
A memory of when they took your joy from you
Because someone had taken theirs
Sometimes you wear a mask of suffering and deep depression
But it just protects those around you from seeing your true pain

Take these words—they are a gift
A bridge to help invite back the
Child or lover that hides in fear or shame
Call to them
To a place that is safe
Safe to play, safe to love
A place where innocence mingles with wisdom
And excitement meets compassion
Where creativity and wonder are in such abundance
That no one will ever want for lack of intimate attention

I love you
I am so happy we are sharing this time together
I want you in my life
And am thankful for the unique beauty that is you

Come, there is always room
Right here
Just for you
In the sanctuary of my heart

[image credit: Susan Seddon Boulet]