Universal Recognition

Jizo (artist unknown)

This is a portion of an unpublished body of work written between 2008 - 2010 tentatively titled Patterns and Paradox.

This snippet came from a very vivid dream of travel to a station somewhere out in galactic space. Perhaps it will come in handy for those whose travel the cosmic ways…

The side hatch opened and the three of us stepped off the small starship transport. To my left and gliding quickly my way were what I interpreted as a pair of translucent “blobs” with vague appendage-like protrusions. They were engaged in some intense conversation, yet I felt it was important to greet them. Instantly I knew to clasp my hands at my heart and feel the essence of my soul. I bowed slightly with the feeling “I recognize the divine spark in you.” The the blobs paused just long enough to return the gesture and continued their conversation while gliding past us. From the guide who was with me, I received the information, “This gesture (or something similar) and sentiment is recognized across the universe.”

[image credit: Unknown]